Qigong for Pain Relief

In Fully Alive classes recently, we have been looking at the ways we can use qigong for pain relief, as well as prevention.

Classes have focused on some common issues: back pain, hip tension and arthritis.

There are specific qigong exercises we can use depending on the area of the body we want to work on. And there are different ways of practicing for the outcome we want, whether that is relief from pain, increased mobility, or more energy, to name a few examples.

Practicing qigong is a great way of staying mobile, and reducing any existing pain and stiffness. Students will often comment that they start the class feeling tense, stressed or in pain. But after the class they feel completely different.

The integration of mind and energy with physical movement means the practice is more than gentle physical exercise. Lasting changes can be made as we notice where and how we hold tension, and are able to let it go.

Here are three twenty-minute qigong practices taken from recent classes.


Back Pain Prevention and Relief


Qigong for Arthritis


Qigong for Hip Health and Mobility


If you would like a regular qigong practice, why not join one of our weekly classes?

Try a half-hour morning class to start your day feeling focused, relaxed and re-energised:

Qigong for Health, Fitness and Balance, Wednesday 9-9.30am

Qigong for Vitality, Flow and Calm, Friday 9-9.30am


Or try one of the hour-long evening classes:

Shaolin Arts, Monday 7-8pm

Tai Chi, Tuesday 7-8pm

Qigong for Self-Healing Warriors, Thursday 7-8pm


You can book classes for one month or three months at a time, with the freedom to take breaks or change classes whenever you want. And you will have access to the class recordings so you can review or catch up in your own time.


Connection and Support

People in the live online classes find the community and connection really valuable. One student commented recently:

"This is a very peculiar space in that we’re all remotely distant from each other, yet it’s one of the closest spaces I’ve ever been in. It’s been intimate, it’s been supportive. We travel a journey each time. It’s wonderful."

- Jonathan