Shaolin Arts

Live Online

Saturday 8.30-9.30am

Mind, Body and Energy Training through the Shaolin Arts.

Develop your mind, body, and energy for improved physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

Shaolin training online. A unique class of Qigong, Kung Fu Stances and Zen that takes the ancient mind, body and energy practices of Shaolin and makes them accessible and relevant to modern, everyday life.

  • Improve your fitness, strength, flexibility and balance
  • Increase your resilience
  • Develop mental focus and clarity
  • Become more confident
  • Learn how to apply what you learn in class to your daily life

The Scholar-Warrior

The Shaolin Arts benefit from thousands of years of practice and cultivation and are based on a profound understanding of how the mind-body-energy systems work.

Over the last 1500 years, many Emperors, generals, warriors and scholars have trained in the Shaolin Arts. And this history has influenced the development of various health, business and conflict strategies. The skills necessary for effective fighting - clear thinking, confidence, resilience and courage, are valuable in modern life too.



'The Shaolin practice as taught by Tim Franklin is a mixture of Zen (meditation, mind and spirit practices), Chi Kung (energy practices) and Kung Fu (physical practices).  These can all happen within a single lesson and sometime within a single practice. 

For those of us who spend too much time in our heads and at our desks, these sessions which let us switch off our busy minds, and allow us to simply enjoy the flow of guided embodied mindfulness within a supportive group, are a complete tonic.'

- Jonathan


Feel more equipped and confident to deal with what life throws at you.

Combat skills are only one aspect of Shaolin training. Week by week, you will learn to focus your mind, release stress and tension, build your energy, and develop deeper levels of awareness.


Our online classes are suitable for complete beginners as well as more advanced students.

You are welcome whatever your age, physical mobility and level of fitness.

Rather than taking a 'no pain, no gain' approach, you will be guided into relaxing your body and focusing your mind.  From here, the more demanding aspects of the training will feel much easier. And each week you will be able to build on what you have learnt.

Develop your presence and potential.

With roots in the Zen tradition, the Shaolin Arts are simple, direct and effective.

As you practice working with your body, mind and energy with kindness, rather than resisting or fighting against yourself, you can access deeper levels of your being and more of your own potential.

Enhance your enyoyment of life.

Shaolin Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit was clear that the Shaolin Arts are here to enhance your enjoyment of life here and now.

Practicing is a 'way of being' - providing increased vital energy, improved health, mental freshness and spiritual joys.

Shaolin Arts Classes

Develop fitness, resilience, confidence and calm

'Shaolin Arts class on a Monday evening is the most comprehensive class that I’ve taken in the past 13 years that I’ve been practising these energy arts.

The courses are carefully structured to help us experience and gain greater awareness of the benefits of each aspect of the training and to explore the profound applications they have in everyday living.  

They are fun, challenging, relaxing and rewarding. I am in my late fifties and I have greater agility and suppleness and more awareness of the tensions in my body and mind and how to respond to these than I have had for a very long while.  

Tim’s teaching is very inclusive, clear and easy to follow and there is plenty of time to ask questions and review what we have been doing.

These classes are so much more than just an energy reboot (as if that wasn’t enough in itself), I always finish them feeling refreshed and renewed in body and mind and set up for the week.'

Min Angel

Shaolin training online

Become fitter, healthier and happier.

In our classes, the focus is on becoming fitter, healthier, happier and more confident. All these outcomes are attainable through regular weekly training.

When you join the Shaolin Arts class, you will work through the depth and scope of body, energy, and mind, training progressively and safely. 

Often kept as a closely guarded secret, now Shaolin training is accessible to all who want to learn. Online classes mean your physical location is not a barrier.

Access to a library of Shaolin Arts training and practice videos

When you join the class, you can access all your class recordings through the Fully Alive Academy. Take classes live or in your own time, and revisit them whenever you want. Plus you get access to a library of 5-30 minute videos as part of your Academy membership. So you can choose what you want to review and work on in your own practice - meditations, qigong, yoga, daoyin, stance training and forms.

Shaolin Arts: The Way of Physical, Mental, Emotional, Energetic and Spiritual Development

  • Opening the Way

Dao Yin, Mindful Movement & Zen Yoga - Releasing held tension, increasing flexibility, balance and strength for increased fluidity and movement.

  • Entering the Way

Qigong - Skills in using energy, mind, body and breath for clearing old habits, conditioning and illness, building energy and nourishing the systems.

  • The Warriors Way

Shaolin Kungfu stances, movement, Zen and energy practices for increased strength, chi, focus, resilience and cultivation. Develop presence and connection through the triple cultivation of mind, body and energy.


Shaolin Training includes Qigong, Dao Yin, Neidan, Yoga, Zen and Kungfu.

Week by week, develop:

  • Increased resilience
  • Better focus
  • More confidence
  • Mental clarity
  • Strength and flexibility

As you explore some of the huge breadth of Shaolin practices, including Dao Yin, Qigong, stance training, One-Finger Shooting Zen, Tiger Claw and Kung Fu patterns, you will increase your flexibility, stamina and ease of movement, train the mind and breath, and learn to let go of tensions, relax and remain calm even under pressure.

I look forward to sharing the benefits of these beautiful arts with you.

Sifu Tim Franklin

Shaolin Arts Classes

  • Saturday 8.30-9.30am
  • Live online, plus receive the class recordings to take or review in your own time
  • Access to a library of 5 - 30 minute training videos
  • Get access to all Fully Alive weekly classes with Premium membership