Learn the Foundation Skills of Qigong

Develop Energy Mastery in this unique 14-month online course.

Qigong means energy work or skill in using energy.

If you are yet to have a felt experience of energy and energy flow as a natural, everyday part of life, the idea of reaching energy mastery might not even make sense.

But if you have read this far, you probably haven't dismissed the idea of being able to influence your own energy as 'woo woo'. And perhaps you would like to learn more.

The first two modules/eight weeks of the Energy Mastery course will teach you the skills you need to become aware of your energy through body awareness, breathing and relaxation practices.

You will discover the old habits and conditioning that can cause tension and stop energy flowing freely. Then you will learn to generate and circulate energy, and to use this in movement, walking and working.

Being able to generate an energy flow is the fundamental skill of Shaolin Cosmos Qigong that sets it apart from gentle movement exercise and makes it powerful in helping you clear tension, stress and illness.


Discover: Relaxation, Breath and Body Awareness

The first four weeks of the Energy Mastery course explore alignment, breathing and relaxation. You will learn techniques to increase your awareness, let go of old habits and enter deeper states of relaxation.

This part of the course is all about developing awareness of energy in states of stillness. With these skills in place, you will have a strong foundation for the mind and energy practices that come later in the course.

Energy Mastery 1: Discover consists of four hour-long recorded classes to take in your own time, with permanent on demand access and support by email. Price £79.


Circulating: Generating Energy Flow

The next part of the Energy Mastery course, starting Wednesday 1st February, will focus on the skills of generating an energy flow and circulating energy.

If you want to learn to experience energy flow and be able to use it in everyday life, this part of the course is ideal for you.  And if you are already experienced, you will be able to go deeper into your practice, refine your skills and develop your awareness and understanding even further.

Book Energy Mastery 2: Circulating Energy and join classes live online, every Wednesday 7-8pm in February, or take the four classes in your own time using the recordings. Price £79.


After the first two modules, you may find you have enough to work with, or you may want to develop your skills further. With this course, you can pick and choose modules and dip in and out as you want to.

Mastering energy is mastering self.

Rather than just getting through the day, week, year or life we start to embrace all things that come our way.

With the mastery of energy, we learn how to heal ourselves, situations, relationships and others.

We get to experience life as a ‘meaningful flow of energy’. We feel connected to something beyond ourselves. You could say we become at one with everything.

As human beings we are resilient by nature, often able to adapt to demands and conditions.

We also waste a lot of energy as result of our conditioning, thoughts, emotions, actions, beliefs and automatic reactions. As you develop your energy skills, it will become clear where your energy is going and how you can use it differently.