Qigong for Self-Healing Warriors

Every Thursday, 7-8pm

Become a Self-Healing Warrior - Manage and Increase your own Health and Energy

Are you feeling drained or depleted?

Life can involve difficulties and frustrations that make it hard to stay energised and full of vitality.

At this time in particular, there may be added worries, fears and anxieties that deplete our energy. Perhaps you feel tired, unmotivated, lacklustre, and in need of some deep nourishment and time for yourself. 

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Self-healing Warrior classes focus on cleansing, restoring and developing energy. You will learn and practice exercises and techniques that support you physically, mentally, energetically and emotionally, helping you deal with life's ongoing demands.

Relax, Restore and Renew

  • Learn to use energy flow to clear tension, pain and unhelpful patterns
  • Become clearer about what drains your energy, what gives you energy, and how to manage your energy well
  • Learn to manage stress levels and relax deeply
  • Nourish and build your energy and vitality

Stress Relief

Too much stress and worry depletes our energy and weakens the immune system. Learning how to better deal with and release stress is one of the keys to good health. Qigong is excellent in helping you to release stress and worry, leading to improved system function and well-being.

Increased Energy

One of the most important aspects of health, overlooked by the western approach to health is energy. Yet millions of people suffer from low energy and energy depletion. Qigong helps restore and increase energy.

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Overcoming Pain and Tension

Chronic pain and continuous stress negatively affect the functioning of the body. Qigong helps you release held tensions and pain, leading to increased vitality.

Increased Mobility and Balance

Movement is medicine. When we are tense or stressed out, we often struggle to move with ease. Qigong helps restore healthy flow, movement, and balance.

Increased Connection

Qigong makes it much easier to feel open to meaningful connection and purpose.

Qigong for Self-Healing Warriors

Thursdays, 7-8pm


    • Live online via Zoom or catch up using the recording
    • £79 per month
    • Get access to all current online classes with Premium Membership
    • Suitable for all levels of experience, beginners welcome.
Sifu Tim Franklin Shaolin Qigong Warrior