Morning Qigong Classes

Start the day feeling energised, focused and relaxed


Qigong for Health, Fitness and Balance

Wednesday 9-9.30am


Take Control of Your Health and Wellbeing

Start the day feeling focused and energised. 

These classes focus on improving overall health and wellbeing through the gentle, relaxed movements of qigong.

Learn to tune into your body, and work with your mind and breath to:

  • Reduce tension
  • Increase strength
  • Improve flexibility
  • Create balance in mind and body

'Such a great start to my day. I feel blessed to feel fully alive! No sciatica by the end of this morning's session.' 


'One of the most important aspects is how accommodating qigong is to EVERYONE regardless of what you can actually do. After the classes I always feel I've done something meaningful.' 


'I feel that we are on a journey with Tim.  He is gently creating an understanding of this area which was completely new to me a year ago. It's very powerful.'



Qigong for Vitality, Flow and Deep Inner Calm

Friday 9-9.30am


Restore and Maintain Your Energy

A gentle, nourishing way to start your morning.

The Friday morning classes are deeply relaxing and restorative. You will develop mind and energy skills to:

  • Restore your energy
  • Increase your vitality
  • Release stress and tension
  • Feel calmer and more focused

'I find the class useful as a guide to just be still and a reminder to rest. It is also contributing to regenerating my energy stores.'


'This was an almost perfect standing Zen meditation and set me up well for the day.'


Take a few minutes to sit down and be guided through a meditation to gently open up the body using the mind and the breath.

Perfect form isn't important in qigong practice.  If you have limited mobility or physical restrictions, you can still do the exercises and get the benefits from them. You can also do all the exercises sitting down.

Join live or in your own time

You can join the classes live via Zoom, or take them in your own time using the recordings.


Support for your practice

The class groups are friendly and welcoming. There is a guided practice in every class, and you are invited to share your progress and ask questions, either in the classes or by email, to support you in your practice.


Learn an effective daily practice

You will learn an effective 10-15 minute practice that you can do every day to keep yourself well.



Book either the Wednesday or Friday morning qigong class, or both classes, for one month or three months at a time.

One class per week:
£39/month or £99/3 months

Two classes per week:
£59/month or £149/3 months

If you have a question or need help with booking please get in touch.

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