Reduce Stress, Gain Confidence

Many people practice Tai Chi and Kung Fu to reduce stress.

As well as helping to manage stress, practicing an internal martial art like Tai Chi or Shaolin Kung Fu will increase your confidence and to help make life flow more easily.

Tai Chi and high-level Kung Fu are internal martial arts because they focus on training mind and energy. These aspects will inform the way the external physical form looks.

In classes we practice responding with ease and flow, without getting disrupted. This practice will also allow us to change how we respond to situations in everyday life.

We may start to notice that we have alternative ways to respond to things, that reduce our stress levels and make things easier for us.

When something stressful happens and we are disrupted, we can use the tools and techniques we learn in class to relax and release any unnecessary tension. With practice, returning to a state of balance becomes easier and more natural.

Applying what we learn in class to everyday life takes the practice from a fun, relaxing, rewarding hobby into something far broader, that can really change the way things happen in our lives.

So our Shaolin Arts or Tai Chi practice becomes a way of living more meaningfully every day, with the confidence that comes from knowing we have more choice over how we respond.

This is not something we need to work out intellectually. We just do the practice, and things will naturally start to change in our lives more widely. Life can seem easier and we feel more peaceful. We may also find that we have more energy, because we are using it more efficiently.

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