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15-Minute Transformational Shaolin Cosmos Qigong Practice

Qigong is an easy to learn and effective approach for improving your health, releasing held tensions, easing pain, increasing your energy, resilience and sense of calm. You can start getting the benefits from a simple 15-minute daily Qigong practice.

From the moment you start your journey you’ll learn ways to better deal with stress, health issues, energy levels, awareness and connection.

Over the last 20 years of practice, I have developed safe, effective and enjoyable methods of making the profound simple to learn and apply to your daily life. I go beyond the form, helping you to work at the physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual level of well-being, so you can enjoy life with balance and harmony.

The best place to start this journey is with the foundation practices of Shaolin Cosmos Qigong.

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Qigong Courses

Qigong practitioners are often looking to improve their life-work balance, relationships, self-discovery and restore radiant health.

The four foundation Qigong courses will give you access to the skills of Cosmos Qigong to work on your mind, body, energy for health, vitality and wakefulness. Or deepen your skills with the advance courses.

Fully Alive Retreats

Online Classes

Shaolin Cosmos Qigong to help release held tension, better cope with stress & improve your energy levels.

Overcome the midweek slump with an energy boost, then smooth into the weekend feeling relaxed & restored.

Join us on Saturday morning for a round up of the week's Shaolin Arts training.

Fully Alive Therapy


Are you looking to better deal with stress, anxiety, worry, pain, discomfort, misalignment or depletion?

I offer a synergistic approach to positive health, transformation, inner wisdom & guided self-help.

Zero Balancing - CBT - Hypnotherapy - Mindfulness

"I always need a way of returning to 'Being mode', to return to a real sense of myself, and to the bigger picture beyond.  I have found a real home here in these classes where that is understood.  Tim has such a wealth of experience, which I feel could take me several lifetimes to learn!"

- Amanda


Protective Qi for a Robust Immune System

"Practising qigong greatly enhances our defence and immune systems and regulates our chemical balance." Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit

In this four-week course, I will share the ideas, practises and approaches for boosting your Wei Qi and strengthening your natural self-healing ability.

Practices include mind-breath-energy-movement exercises at the physical, emotional, and mental levels, promoting: 

  • Healthy Mind
  • Healthy Body
  • Healthy Energy Flow
  • Healthy Organ Function
  • Healthy Nervous System

Practising Qigong helps strengthen your Wei Qi - the energetic barrier against external pathogens. If you're ill, defensive qi directly influences your recovery process.

Weekly classes in Qigong, Shaolin Arts, live online via Zoom.

Improve your health and wellbeing. Develop mind, body and energy skills you can apply to your everyday life. Be part of a friendly, supportive community.

Take classes live, or catch up and review using class recordings through the Fully Alive Academy.

"The classes are clear and easy to understand, and the groups are friendly and inviting."

- Pascal

"I've learned so much, and you've also thrown in lots of food for thought.  It's been exactly what I needed, and I'm benefitting greatly from doing regular qigong.  Your teaching style is so friendly and relaxed... superb."

- Lesley


"It's really amazing that Sifu Tim has not only made this curriculum available, but also in a easy to learn format. Doubly amazing then."
- Rich

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