Live online training in the Shaolin Arts,
Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Kung (Qigong). 

Learn and develop energy skills you can really use to benefit your everyday life.

A free half-hour introduction to opening the way in the Shaolin Arts. Let Tim take you through some gentle exercises to relax your body and mind, opening the way for energy to flow.

Weekly Online Classes

All our classes are live online. You will also receive recordings of every class so you can take them in your own time.

The Way of Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Development

Whether you are looking to immerse yourself in the Shaolin Arts or wish to use them to enhance your daily life, which is an honourable and meaningful approach, the weekly classes are an excellent place to start.

Cultivating Mind, Body, Energy and Spirit for Inner Peace and Flow

Tai Chi Chuan is suitable for people looking for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual development, as the very nature of its training emphasises gracefulness, gentleness, and harmonious energy flow, leading to mental freshness and harmony.

A Fully Alive Energy Path to Conscious Living

A 36 week journey through the mind-body-energy road map already travelled. Effective ways of skillfully and consciously dealing with trauma, conditioning, inflammation, stress, pain, sickness and overwhelm, while working with energy, appreciation, enjoyment and application to life.

Energy Flow for Health and Happiness

Learn to develop and improve the skill of generating an energy flow through the 18 Lohan Hands exercises, taught and practised at the Shaolin Temple in China since around 527 AD.

Step onto a path of health and happiness among friendly, supportive people.


"I've learned so much, and you've also thrown in lots of food for thought. It's been exactly what I needed, and I'm benefitting greatly from doing regular Chi Kung. Your teaching style is so friendly and relaxed... superb."

- Lesley

The Art of One Finger Zen

An online course in eight one-hour sessions. Develop untapped internal energy, increase mental focus, stamina and resilience, inner peace and a strengthened spirit.

Chi Kung practitioner

George Carivalis

Feedback from a long time Chi Kung student

I have been practicing Chi Kung for many years and have experienced so many benefits with the simplest of daily practice. It translates as energy work and is the first of the three arts that include Tai Chi and Kung Fu and are rooted in traditional teachings that were brought into China from India.

If you are looking for an authentic and experienced Chi Kung teacher to introduce you to a simply daily practice, or just simply want to learn more, I highly recommend you follow Tim Franklin who offers online courses to absolute beginners.

Tim has taught me for many years and has been outstanding as a teacher.

You will find that with very little practice you will benefit from reduced anxiety and a greater feeling of “flow” that you can take into your daily lives. You can do and little or much as you need. Even the simplest practice of a few minutes a day will have benefits.

Benefits of chi kung

Benefits You Can Get

Clearing illness, more energy, better performance, living at ease...

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Qigong Classes

Levels You Can Work At

The arts we teach affect your body, emotions, thoughts, energy and spirit...

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Qigong Classes


Outcomes are the focus of everything we do. The benefits are why you keep practicing...

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