Small Universe Review Course.

Go Deeper, Break Through...

Tim Franklin

Small Universe

"One of the greatest achievements in Qigong is to attain an everlasting, continuous flow of energy along the ren and du meridians - known in Qigong terminology as the Small Universe or Microcosmic Orbit.

From their long years of observation, Qigong masters concluded that if you attain a real breakthrough of the Small Universe, you will eliminate hundreds of illnesses. If you attain the breakthrough of the Big Universe, you will live to a hundred years.

But even before the real breakthrough, training the Small Universe regularly brings increased energy flow, grounding and stability. And who wouldn’t want that when having to deal with what life throws at you!

Another benefit to the Small Universe flow practice is that it can be used to enhance your other Qigong practices, such as Cosmos Palm and One Finger Zen.

This course will be a review for experienced Qigong practitioners and those who have previously trained the Small Universe. You are also welcome to attend if you have at least 2 years experience in the foundations of Qigong.

The Small Universe in our school includes five stages:
• Abdominal Breathing
• Submerged Breathing
• Long Breathing
• Forceful Small Universe
• and Gentle Small Universe

Total Duration: 4 hours

Time: 19:00 to 20:00 (UK Time) Via Zoom

When: 19th & 26th June & 3rd & 10th July.

Cost: £120 for New Students

£99 for Fully Alive Members

A Fully Alive Member is someone who has taken a Fully Alive course within the last 12 months.