Discover One Finger Zen Treasure Practices

Attain the Inner Harmonies of Body, Energy, Mind.

One finger Zen landsape

There are many excellent Qigong and Neigong practices to choose from, all promising improved energy, health and enjoyment. However, some exercises are considered treasures by Shaolin Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit. One Finger Zen is such a treasure.

Over the centuries, various Kung Fu and Qigong styles have used the One Finger Zen to develop tremendous internal energy. This increased vital energy was used in both combat and healing, much like the art of Cosmos Palm (another high-level internal practice).

This is the first time in over 20 years that I have brought the various practices together to explore in one single course. The pilot class for this (recording included within this course) presented some interesting questions and insights to the Art of One Finger Zen, inspiring me to bring the arts together for you to practice and discover.

There are several reasons a Qigong practitioner, Martial Artist, Meditator or Healer may want to learn One Finger Zen. Here are a few:

  • Prosperity – Keeping the arts alive to pass on to future generations.
  • Person health – By strengthening the mind, body and energy.
  • Increased clarity of mind – improves productivity and avoids wasting time.
  • Dim Mak/Dotting – Used for closing and opening energy points.
  • Up-Levelling – One Finger Zen is a major factor in taking your practice to the next level.
  • Spiritual Cultivation - The art develops tremendous energy, strengthening the spirit, thus contributing to spiritual training. (Not many people realise that spiritual cultivation demands a lot of energy).
  • Zen - Training One-Finger Shooting Zen is training Zen, contributing to a non-thought and one-pointed mind.


Why come to this short course on One Finger Zen?

Perhaps you have already learnt One Finger Zen from your school or teacher and would like to reconnect and review your practice. Many students report a deepening of their skills when they return to a known practice with an open mind. There is always the chance that you will experience that ‘aha’ moment, using beginners mind.

Maybe, you have not yet learnt the various forms of One Finger Zen, which include:

  • One Finger Shooting Zen
  • Shooting Arrows
  • One Finger Zen Stabilises Empire
  • Triple Stretching of Pearl Bridge
  • Finger-Fist Double Shine
  • Circulating Soft Bridge

And you would like to explore how the various practices open pathways for new experiences and advancement.


Entry Criteria for Course

This course is open to practitioners of Qigong, Martial Arts or Meditation. You will, however, get much more from the training if you already have developed the skill of entering a Qigong state of mind, are able to generate and consciously guide energy (Qi) and have a practice of stillness.


Live Online Via Zoom or Catch Up with Recordings


Starts 8th June 8.30am to 9.30am


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