Fully Alive Level Two

Developing Skills for Conscious Energy Flow

level 2

Learn to use energy flow more consciously in your practice and in your everyday life.

The fundamental energy skill is to be able to generate an energy flow, which is something we cover in-depth during the Level One course.

Level Two focuses on working with the rate and quantity of energy flow, and explores how you can choose to use the different types of energy flow in various situations.

The ability to consciously affect energy flow and movement is not always taught explicitly as it is not associated with any particular Qigong technique or pattern.

In Level Two, you will learn the skills necessary to use energy flow in many different ways. These include

  • Being able to control the quantity of energy flow
  • The extent to which that flow affects your body and mind
  • How to use the mind more skilfully in your practice

Become more aware of how you are using your energy every day.

You will learn ways you can manage your energy to avoid depletion, or to apply energy more effectively to a specific task or situation.

Over the eight weeks, you will go in-depth into the stages of Chi Flow from Flowing Stillness, through Gentle Breeze/Floating Clouds, all the way through to Self-Manifested Chi Flow.

All the skills taught in this course are necessary for successfully being able to build energy, improve the quality of energy, and to progress to more advanced skills such as Bone Marrow Cleansing and Sinew Metamorphosis. But most importantly they enhance your fundamental Qigong practice, which can keep you happy and healthy.

During the course you will:

  • Deepen the fundamental skills of energy flow for clearing illness, increasing energy and happily engaging in life
  • Learn how to regulate energy flow and movement at five levels of flow
  • Get an experience of each of the five levels of flow and their outcome
  • Understand how these Qigong skills can be used to address specific issues in your everyday life and how to practically apply them
  • Be clear about how to incorporate these skills in your daily practice

The course is suitable for anyone who already knows how to generate an energy flow, and would like to develop their skills.

If you would like to learn to generate an energy flow, you might be interested in Level One or one of our weekly Qigong classes.

Feedback from students on previous Level Two courses

"It’s really changed how I’m practicing. Something will come up, and before I would have got a bit caught up in it, and now I’m doing that much less."
- Kathryn

"There is not just a chi flow but different types of chi flow... this was a revelation to me and an unforgettable experience. I have since been able to use this knowledge in my qigong practice."

"I could just let [my shoulder] go completely. That was interesting, that by more than one means I could do the same thing. It means if I can’t do it one way I can try another way."
- Lesley

level 2

Fully Alive Level Two - Developing Skills for Conscious Flow

  • 8 hour-long class recordings
  • Accompanying notes and PDFs 
  • Two bonus practices - meditation and opening the body
  • Permanent access to the course
  • Cost: £149