Fully Alive Level One

Foundation Qigong Skills

Do you want to feel more at ease, with enough energy to do all the things you want to do?

Learn the skill of generating an energy flow, and a short but effective qigong practice you can do on your own every day to optimise your health and wellbeing, with immediate results.

Classes are on Wednesdays, 10-11am for eight weeks, starting on Wednesday 2nd February.

If you missed the start of the course, don't worry - you can still book and catch up with any lessons you missed, or take the whole course in your own time from the recordings.

The course is suitable for complete beginners, and those who want to revisit the foundation skills of qigong.

Woman in pink enjoying Chi Kung

What is so important about Energy Flow for Optimising Health, Vitality and Happiness?

Many people complain that they are stressed out, overwhelmed, tired and fed up with pain, illness and upset.

Yet all these things can be improved or overcome with energy flow.

The fundamental skill of all Qigong practice is being able to generate an energy flow. Without this skill, Qigong or Chi Kung can easily become just gentle physical exercise, with limited benefits and outcome.

This foundation course focuses on developing and improving the skill of generating an energy flow, so you can clear unnecessary tensions and stress that lead to chronic pain, inflammation, and illness.

Once you learn the skill of energy flow, you will be able to use it in numerous practical ways, such as balancing the nervous system, supporting the immune system, increasing vitality, managing stress and negative emotions, and increasing focus, as well as improving sleep.

Using energy flow is a direct, simple and effective way of clearing illnesses, having more energy and generally feeling happier and healthier.

The method of clearing energy blocks in order to increase health and well-being is the foundation of all Chinese medicine.  By learning to generate an energy flow, you will start to clear blocks and unhelpful habits so energy can flow more freely in your qigong practice and in your everyday life.

Energy flow is a skill that should not be missed or undervalued.

The course will run over 8 weeks. This allows time to unpack each element involved in developing a successful qigong practice.  Going deep into the theory and practice is useful for people who have never practiced qigong, as well as deepening the foundation skills for those already using qigong.

During the course you will:

  • Learn or deepen the fundamental skills of energy flow for clearing illness, increasing energy and happily engaging in life
  • Get a direct experience of energy working for you and the confidence to practice at home
  • Understand how qigong skills can be used practically to address specific issues in your everyday life
  • Be clear about a 15-minute practice that you can use every day
  • Learn easy to use breathing, mind and body techniques you can apply to daily life and challenges
Fully Alive Level One

Fully Alive Level One - Foundation Qigong Skills

  • Course starts Wednesday 2nd February
  • Every Wednesday, 10 - 11am for 8 weeks
  • Live online via Zoom
  • Receive the recordings after each class to take in your own time
  • Cost: £149