Fully Alive Level Three

Building Internal Force
for Vitality and Mental Stamina


Develop Mental Stamina and Resilience

In this Level Three course, you will develop the skill of using energy flow to build internal force.

Internal force is a function of the amount of energy you have available, the smoothness of energy flow and the ability to apply energy effectively.

As you learn to build energy you will also develop awareness and skill to use your energy more effectively. This can give you:

  • Inner strength to keep going when things are difficult
  • Energy to do things efficiently, even when under pressure or tired
  • Vitality and focus to do well in the things you enjoy or need to do
  • A feeling of inner stability and groundedness
  • A greater sense of ease and confidence

New Possibilities

Over ten weeks, you will get an experiential understanding of the differences between flowing and consolidating force.  Through simple, direct teaching and  guided practice, you will develop the skills of building internal force gradually and safely.

As in all classes and course with Fully Alive, the learning extends beyond technique.  You will become more aware of different possibilities for approaching everyday situations.  And you will discover how to use skills of internal force to enhance your everyday life.


In the Level Three course you will:

  • Learn or deepen skills for developing both flowing and consolidating internal force
  • Get a direct experience of internal force
  • Understand how the skills of flowing and consolidating force can be used to address specific issues in your everyday life and how to practically apply them
  • Be clear about how you can incorporate the techniques into your daily practice.

The course is suitable for anyone who already knows how to generate and consciously manage an energy flow, and would like to develop their skills.

If you would like to learn to generate an energy flow, you might be interested in Level One or one of our weekly Qigong classes. For skills in developing conscious energy flow, try our Level Two course.

Feedback from students on previous Level Three courses

"I have been enjoying the application aspect of this Internal Force training. Mainly because if I look why I initially started qigong for health benefits, and now seeing how this has changed over time to actually feeling more energized throughout the day on top of feeling more joyous and healthy, just incredible. A place I did not see myself end up in."
- Pascal

"Practicing over these past weeks has given me insight into the habitual way I react energetically to situations, and how that default response has left me exhausted. I have choice, and am developing informed and authentic knowing, that will serve well throughout life's challenges. I am more gentle, with myself and others. I feel relieved, and refreshed, and dynamically able. Vital and clear.

And two years on... habits! They go deep, and more often than not arise from survival response. They may take time to dissipate, and this transitional and transformative process can require patience. Have faith, practice, and do be kind to yourselves!"

"I have been practicing the Shaolin Wahnam arts for over a decade. This course has been one of the highlights of my learning to date. It came at the perfect time as I am going through considerable inner change recently and the outward state of the world is also quite turbulent as everyone is well aware. I was able to deepen my own sense of being and connection with myself. It was a very simple, direct and effective course. And my key skill increase was to be able to achieve more with much less."
- Omar


Fully Alive Level Three - Building Internal Force

  • 10 hour-long class recordings
  • Extra practice videos, accompanying notes and PDFs for each class
  • Immediate and permanent access to the whole course
  • Support by email during and after the course
  • Cost: £199