Level Four

Nourishing and Refining Energy

10-week Online Course

Level 4 - 1

Rejuvenate and Revitalise

Winter is an ideal time to connect to ourselves more deeply, nourishing our body, mind and spirit so we can move into the new year with renewed energy.

This course will deepen and develop the qigong skills you already have and allow you to refine your practice even further. 

Outcomes of nourishing energy include:

  • Peace and a deeper sense of connection
  • Calm, strength and stability
  • Resilience even in challenging situations
  • More awareness of how you use your energy and the adjustments you can make
  • Increased enjoyment and engagement in daily life

Learn to access powerful states of quiet, stable stillness and expansion.

In Level Four you will learn to refine energy. This can also be described as improving or increasing the quality of energy flowing in your mind and body. You can use this refined energy to nourish your body, mind and spirit.

You could imagine the process of nourishing energy in a similar way to improving the signal and getting rid of ‘noise’ in a radio or electrical system.

It shows itself in a sense of deeper peace, feeling nourished and being completely ok with yourself and your surroundings.

Feel calmer and more balanced in everyday life.

Nourishing energy can lead to powerful states of quiet, stable stillness and a feeling of expansion in the mind and body, which can be used as a platform for more advanced Qigong skills or meditation practice.

This course will also introduce you to what are considered advanced skills – massaging organs and Cosmic Shower.

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Learn the skills of nourishing and refining energy at the level of mind, body, energy and spirit.

Over ten weeks, you will learn the skills necessary to achieve states of physical, emotional and mental states of balance, even in challenging situations.

Slowly building over ten weeks allows a gentle progressive experience, with many opportunities to ask questions. Students on previous courses have also valued the connection and support that comes with taking a course live.

As in all classes and courses with Fully Alive, the learning extends beyond technique.  You will become more aware of different possibilities for approaching everyday situations.  And you will discover how to use the skills of refining and nourishing energy to enhance your everyday life.

Level Four covers:

  • Deepening the fundamental skills of energy flow
  • Strengthening and nourishing body, mind and spirit
  • Accessing states of expansion while staying connected here and now
  • Uplifting your energy rather than becoming depleted
  • The challenges of taking responsibility for taking care of ourselves, and how to overcome them
  • Applying energy at different levels to nourish the organs, the body and mind/spirit
  • The technique of Cosmic Shower
  • Using the skills of nourishing and refining energy to bring joy, satisfaction and peace into daily life
  • Incorporating these skills into your daily practice

If you already have the skills of generating and regulating an energy flow and coming to stillness, this course is suitable for you.

If you are new to qigong and would like to learn the foundation skills, you might like to try our Energy Mastery class, live online every Wednesday 7-8pm.

If you would prefer a pre-recorded course to take in your own time, try our Level One foundation qigong course.

For advice on which course is right for you, feel free to contact us.

Level 4 - 1

Fully Alive Level Four - Nourishing and Refining Energy

  • Recorded Live online in 2023
  • Learn in your own time
  • Permanent access to all recordings and course materials through the Fully Alive Academy
  • Cost: £199