The Art of One-Finger Zen


Develop untapped internal energy, increase mental focus, stamina and resilience, inner peace and a strengthened spirit. Training One-Finger Shooting Zen is training Zen, contributing to a non-thought and one-pointed mind. The tremendous increase of energy and mental clarity due to training One-Finger Shooting Zen enables us to have better results no matter what we do.


In this course, spread over eight lessons, Tim passes on the art of One-Finger Zen, including:

How to enhance your internal energy
Standing & Sitting One-Finger Zen
One Finger Shooting Zen set
One-Pointed Mind
Circulating Soft Bridge
Directing energy
Circulating energy
Flowing energy
Consolidating energy
Eight Hours of Guided Practice

Due to the nature and power of the training, each lesson will be just one hour each. This format will also give you time to develop the necessary skills for each progressive stage of development.

Cost: £299

Who Can Join
Open to students who have developed the skill of generating an energy flow. Without this essential foundation energy skill, your progress will be limited. If you haven’t yet developed the skill of generating an energy flow, you can join our classes before the course or train one-on-one with Sifu Tim to gain the necessary skill.

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