The Art of One-Finger Zen

Develop untapped internal energy, increase mental focus, stamina and resilience, inner peace and a strengthened spirit.

A Wonderfully Simple Life-Changing Practice

I have trained in numerous Shaolin Arts since my introduction to Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit, including Shaolin Kung Fu, Qigong, Wing Choon, Xingyiquan, Neidan, Daoyin, Chin-Na, Cosmos Palm, Cotton Palm and Tiger Claw, to name just a few.


Included in many of the arts is one extraordinary practice - One-Finger Zen.


And it is through the art of One-Finger Zen that many of the skills I studied developed exponentially. 


When Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit learnt One-Finger Zen from his teacher, Grandmaster Ho Fatt Nam, the third generation-successor from the southern Shaolin Temple, Grandmaster Ho said:


"Many people say that they learn kungfu (meaning 'force training'), but what they actually learn is just quan-fa (meaning 'combat techniques'). Now you learn two of the best kungfu in Shaolin, namely One-Finger Zen and Tiger Claw." 


Through the practice of One-Finger Zen, a person can attain the three inner harmonies of jing, qi and shen, which means elegant movement, energy flow, and presence of mind.
The Art of One finger Zen
Tim Franklin

Simple and Profound

One Finger Zen is one of the treasured practices in the Shaolin Wahnam School.


"It is understandable the uninitiated cannot believe that practising a simple, and profound, exercise like One-Finger Shoot Zen can develop internal force and mental clarity."


- Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit

Combat, Healing and Spiritual Development

An extraordinary feature of One-Finger Shooting Zen is that it is very effective for healing, besides being very effective for combat . It helped inform the development of A-Way Therapy.


As a mind-body-energy exercise, the art develops tremendous energy, strengthening the spirit, thus contributing to spiritual training. Not many people realise that spiritual cultivation demands a lot of energy.

A Traditional Shaolin Practise

As one of the 72 Shaolin Arts, One-Finger Zen was traditionally taught to all kungfu monks at the Shaolin Monastery at Quanzhou by the Venerable Jiang Nan, our Patriarch.


One-Finger Shooting Zen not only gives us good health, vitality and longevity, it also gives us internal force and mental clarity, enabling us to attain peak performance in daily life.


This profound Zen practice makes training all other methods more cost-effective. 

An Essential Key to Force Development

Being the essence of Shaolin, the beauty of One-Finger Shooting Zen is that you can channel the internal force to any part of the body once you have acquired the internal energy.


Unlike in some arts like Iron Palm, where only the palm is powerful, or Iron Arm, where only the arm is powerful, in One-Finger Shooting Zen, other parts of your body can be powerful when you channel internal force to them.


For example, without having to train your palm, your palm strike can be powerful, or without having to train your arm, your arm can also be powerful.

Training Zen

Training One-Finger Shooting Zen is training Zen, contributing to a non-thought and one-pointed mind. The tremendous increase of energy and mental clarity due to training One-Finger Shooting Zen enables us to have better results no matter what we do.


For the last twenty years, the regular practice of One-Finger Zen has contributed significantly to my enjoyment of life, health, internal force, and healing arts.
Many people mistake art for form. They learn from a book or video learning the outward form but miss the essential skills of the art.


In this course, spread over eight lessons, I will pass on the art of One-Finger Zen, including:


  • How to enhance your internal energy
  • Standing & Sitting One-Finger Zen
  • One Finger Shooting Zen set
  • One-Pointed Mind
  • Circulating Soft Bridge
  • Directing energy
  • Circulating energy
  • Flowing energy
  • Consolidating energy
  • Eight Hours of Guided Practice


Due to the nature and power of the training, each lesson will be just one hour each. We suggest you take at least a week in between each class to practice, giving you time to develop the necessary skills for each progressive stage of development.


Cost: £200


Who Can Join
Open to students who have developed the skill of generating an energy flow. Without this essential foundation energy skill, your progress will be limited. If you haven't yet developed the skill of generating an energy flow, you can join our classes before the course or train one-on-one with Sifu Tim to gain the necessary skill.