The Internal Essence of Sinew Metamorphosis

Pre-Recorded Course in 4 Lessons

Develop Internal Energy

Sinew Metamorphosis is a simple, direct and powerful method for building and releasing energy.

Performed correctly the outcome can be profound, leaving the practitioner in a sense of awe, wonder and appreciation of the marvel of life and the Cosmos.  

Grounded, Expanded and Connected

When you practice Sinew Metamorphosis as a mind-body-energy exercise, while being in tune with the Cosmos, a person can spontaneously activate high-level skills.

Through these exercises we can feel charged with energy, grounded, expanded, in-tune with the Cosmos, and freer physically, mentally and emotionally.

Sinew Metamorphosis

“Tuning in with the Cosmos energy flowed effortlessly through the body, meridians open.

Moving the hands into position for Flicking Fingers energy rushed down my arms and hands.

The first flick of fingers a surge of energy released back up my arms into the body.

With the second flick of the fingers the Small Universe Flow was triggered.

The third flick of fingers chi flooded all the meridians.

Releasing the hands every cell in the body vibrated.

Then gone, expanded, I was nowhere and everywhere.”


- Tim Franklin, 2015


Course Content

In this 4-week course you will be guided through the essence of Sinew Metamorphosis and learn the methods for directly accessing powerful energy and flow states.

Ideally you will already be familiar with some of the Sinew Metamorphosis exercises to best benefit from this course.

  • Attain a One-Pointed Mind
  • Develop Tremendous Internal Energy
  • Recharge your Meridians
  • Help Trigger the Small Universe
  • Expand into the Cosmos
  • Experience Being Grounded, Expanded and Connected

This is an Advanced Course

This course is open to previous and existing students at our school who already have a foundation understanding and experience of generating, building and expanding energy. The course was part of the wider Unfolding Being course which will be repeated at a later date.