Energy Skills

Learn to generate, regulate and build energy


Simple, clear and direct teaching means a 10-15 minute daily practice is all you need to maintain and improve your own health and wellbeing.

In our classes, you will quickly learn to generate an energy flow, a skill that formerly took practitioners many years to develop.

You can then go on to learn how to regulate your energy, and how to use energy flow to clear unhelpful tensions, build energy and resilience, and nourish your body and mind.

You will also find out how to apply these skills in your everyday life.

We encourage you to ask questions, explore and discover what works for you, with support and guidance from Tim, and within a like-minded community of students.

Our classes lead to:

  • Increased energy levels
  • Awareness of how you use your energy
  • Better overall health and vitality
  • Freedom from illness
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • An overall sense of wellbeing

‘I have noticed significant improvements in musculo-skeletal problems, sleep quality and overall happiness.’


‘I feel an amazing warm sensation flowing through my limbs and as a result I start to feel calm, energized, more focused and present in my work and life throughout the day.’


‘There is not just a chi flow but different types of chi flow. This was a revelation to me and an unforgettable experience.’


If you want to focus on energy skills, you might like to try:

Qigong for Self-Healing Warriors

Develop and improve the skill of generating an energy flow to clear illness and increase vitality.

Online, Thursday 7-8pm

Qigong for Vitality, Flow and Calm

A gentle, nourishing way to start your morning. A guided practice to leave you feeling clear and relaxed in body and mind.

Online, Friday 9-9.30am.