Morning Chi Kung Classes

Start the day feeling energised, focused and relaxed

Wednesday and Friday mornings, 9-9.30am

Drop in - £10 per class


Wednesdays 9 - 9.30am

Chi Kung Classes

Each week Tim will take you through one or more Chi Kung forms from the 18 Lohan Hands and 18 Lohan Arts.

Find out how the forms can help you manage your energy, and how you can use them to keep yourself healthy. 

Fridays 9 - 9.30am

Fundamentals of Energy Flow

A gentle, nourishing way to start your morning.

Learn the fundamental skills of how to be healthy using Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung through a guided practice.

When you book a class, you will receive the Zoom link by email.
If you don't see the link, remember to check your promotions and junk mail folders.

'I feel that we are on a journey with Tim, he is gently creating an understanding of this area which was completely new to me a year ago. It's very powerful.'


'Such a great start to my day. I feel blessed to feel fully alive!! No sciatica by the end of this morning's session.' 


Classes are live online, and you will receive the recording afterwards.
If you can't make the class live, book and ask for the recording.


The classes are suitable for complete beginners, and those who want to develop and deepen their skills.
Drop into either class at any time, and if you take the class regularly you will find that you progress and develop.


If you have limited mobility or physical restrictions, the exercises can be adapted to suit you.
They can also be done sitting down. You will still get the benefits of practicing chi kung.


Class groups are small and friendly.
You are encouraged to share your progress and ask questions, either in the class or by email.

'These sessions are remarkably good for fixing the fundamentals. This was an almost perfect standing Zen meditation and set me up well for the day.'


'I find the class useful as a guide to just be still and a reminder to rest. It is also contributing to regenerating my energy stores.'


If you have a question or need help with booking a class please get in touch.

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