Optimise your Immune System with Qigong


If like many people you are looking to boost your immune system to protect yourself, better fight infection and help yourself remain healthy and active, then you will find this special Qigong workshop invaluable.


I am leading an online Immune System Optimising Qigong workshop, specially designed to help ease increased tensions, inflammation, pain, and worry during these challenging times and beyond.

Why Does a Healthy, Optimized Immune System Matter?

Stress Relief

Too much stress weakens the immune system, as does too much worry. Learning how to better deal with and release stress is one of the keys to good health and a strong immune system. Qigong is excellent in helping release stress and worry

Reduced Inflammation

Just like a small amount stress is good for us, so is a small amount of inflammation. However, when inflammation becomes chronic it can damage healthy cells, tissues, and organs. Qigong helps reduce our stress and inflammation responses, leading to improved system function and well-being

Overcoming Pain

Chronic pain and continuous stress negatively affect the immune system function. Qigong helps release held tensions and pain, leading to restored immune system function

Increased Mobility

Movement is medicine. When we are in pain or stressed out, we often struggle to move with ease, leading to further disfunction and strain on the immune system. Qigong helps restore healthy flow, movement, and balance.

Increased Connection

When dealing with stress, pain, worry or illness we can lose a felt sense of connection and belonging. Meaningful connection is key to a healthy immune system. You will be joining a supportive group of people who understand the challenges. Plus, Qigong makes it much easier to feel open to connection and purpose.

Increased Energy

One of the most important aspects of health, overlooked by the western approach to health is energy. Yet millions of people suffer from low energy, energy depletion and lacklustre. A healthy immune system requires good energy flow, and Qigong helps restore and increase energy.

tim immunity

In this workshop I will teach you eight Immune System Optimizing exercises
you can use to daily to improve your health.

About Tim Franklin

Tim Franklin is an international teacher of the Shaolin Arts, speaker, author, and therapist. Drawing from his various studies and practices in Qigong, Tai Chi, Yoga, Martial Arts, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), breath work and mind/body therapies, he brings a unique understanding and practical application of the various modalities, that anyone can use to enhance their physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual well-being.

Optimise your Immune System


  • Self-help exercises you can use to improve immune function
  • Less stress, worry and anxiety
  • Increased energy
  • Increased sense of calm and inner peace
  • Increased mobility
  • Increased connection and joy
  • Live teaching and Q&A with Shaolin Master Tim Franklin
  • Video recording of the exercises and course to help with your daily home practice

Who Can Join?

  • The course is open to complete beginners, intermediate and advanced practitioners
  • Any level of fitness. You can do the exercises sitting or standing

What will you need to join?

  • Access to Zoom via computer, tablet or phone
  • Space to move your arms. A space of about 2 metres square is ideal
  • Willingness to try something new that has helped thousands of people
  • 2 hours free time


  • Live online Zoom

Saturday 11th December, 10.30am - 12.30pm


Fully Alive money-back-guarantee-

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If for any reason (or no reason at all), you’re unhappy with this course, just email us for a full and prompt refund anytime within a year of purchase. We stand behind all our programs unconditionally because our customer success and happiness rates are so high. We’re responsive, reliable, and we’re here to help.


What if you have an underlying health condition?

  • It’s always best to check with your GP or health practitioner before trying new exercises.  If you are concerned about any current or ongoing illnesses or conditions, please check with your GP before joining this course.  Qigong is very safe, when practised correctly.  It is not a replacement for Western Medical Care.  Qigong works with our natural healing function, systems and responses.

What if you miss the workshop?

  • Don’t worry. You can catch up on the recording made available to you following the course.