The Art of Cotton Palm

Starts Saturday 26th March

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In Tai Chi and Qigong we talk about an uninterrupted smooth flow of movement and energy, but in everyday life it doesn’t always feel like that.

How can we flow with more ease, feel less stuck or stressed and be able to cope with what life throws at us?

How do we:

  • Increase speed and fluidity of movement and thought
  • Access greater energy reserves and not become depleted
  • Increase inner wisdom and understanding
  • Be responsive not reactive
  • Develop healing for self and others
  • Navigate life with more ease, flow and humour?

From the beginning of my training in the Shaolin Arts I sought

that sense of ease and flow

to be resilient without adding tension

to be able to flow with life, not against it

‘Cotton Palm is a very advanced art. It is traditionally taught to an inner-chamber disciple after he has proven his worth after many years of Kungfu training.’

– Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit

My story of the Cotton Art

For many years I worked on how to toughen myself to become more resilient, only to become more frustrated and in pain. I was going against the nature of what my body systems needed and suffered for it.

In the middle of multiple enemy combat training in Malaysia I fell to my knees in pain. It felt like I was having a heart attack. Something had to change in the way I trained.

From this place of suffering, I journeyed deep internally and found a cotton soft way of training. At least, that was what I called it.

Some years later I approached our Shaolin Grandmaster – Sifu Wong Kiew Kit about this soft method and he told me the story of Pak Mei and the Cotton Art.

Pak Mei had developed what was called ‘Child Art’ through the Cotton Art. A practice that makes you soft and youthful with an abundance of energy. I liked the sound of that and asked Sifu if he would teach it.

Sifu agreed to teach the Cotton Palm, as part of the Cotton Art.

In our school Cotton Palm belongs to the branch of Energy Cultivation called Neigong, or advanced Qigong.

As with all of our Kungfu training it includes Qigong training. Cotton Palm as an internal art is soft and flowing.

Following Tim’s training in Cotton Palm he was awarded the honour of Wu Fatt (lineage holder) of the Cotton Palm.


Connection, Creativity and Flow

Training Cotton Palm leads to:

  • Less Anxiety
  • More Creative Energy
  • Meaningful Connection
  • Calm Confidence
  • Reconnecting to playful nature

Ideal for Healing

  • Healers can use Cotton Palm skills to aid treatment and recovery of self and others
  • Refine the rate of flow, consolidating, exploding and expanding energy
  • Be able to target blocks in a soft, gentle and unobtrusive way

During the course we will use aspects of the Cotton Palm set to go deeper into the Cotton Art, resulting in more easeful and expansive energy to realise our connection and flow with the cosmos.

Course dates:

  • 26th March
  • 30th April
  • 28th May
  • 18th June
  • 16th July
  • 20th August
  • 17th September
  • 22nd October
Times: 10.30-11.30am each date


Cost: £200
Payment in advance.


Who Can Join
Open to students who have developed the skill of generating an energy flow. Without this essential foundation energy skill, your progress will be limited. If you haven't yet developed the skill of generating an energy flow, you can join our classes before the course or train one-on-one with Sifu Tim to gain the necessary skill.