Cultivating Spirit

Take a journey of self growth and development with Fully Alive




Practicing from a place of kindness and ease allows the space for positive change.



As you practice, old patterns and unhelpful conditioning can fall away.  You become more connected to yourself, and may find yourself engaging with life differently.


Start to let go of what you don’t need, and strengthen your natural capacity for joy, stability and being in the here and now.


We have access to the wisdom, principles and essence of a 1500 year-old Shaolin practice.  At the same time there is the freedom to explore, and to discover what works for our lives now.


Our classes lead to more:

  • Ease
  • Presence
  • Awareness
  • Connection
  • Purpose
  • Engagement in life
  • Joy in being
  • Freedom from conditioning




‘My new ’normality’ is characterised by feeling much more at ease and able to engage with the world in a more harmonious and meaningful way. The greatest benefit that I have derived is being able to appreciate and enjoy life in a way which had previously eluded me.’


Training spirit


If you are interested in spiritual cultivation, you might like to try:

Shaolin Arts

Physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual development through the practice of the Shaolin Arts.

Online, Monday 7-8.30pm and Saturday 8.30-10am.

Unfolding Being

A road map for skillfully and consciously navigating the trials, challenges and demands of life through the lens of chi kung.

Online, Wednesday 7-8pm.

'My heart is open deeper and fuller.  I feel more clearly empathic with others, and generally, worldwide.  I am experiencing this in everyday life.’


‘It brings me great relief that everything does not have to be fine, and may just be the way it is.’