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Introduction to Qigong Teacher Training
24th – 26th March 2023 @Peak District, UK

Dear Future Qigong Teacher,

If you are a passionate qigong student frustrated with your current job and dreaming of a life filled with meaning, freedom, and connection, then teaching qigong might be the next step on your path.

If you are already a yoga, pilates, dance or performance teacher looking for new ways to engage and help your students, welcome. Qigong is a synergistic, simple-to-learn approach to well-being and self-cultivation.

Growing Demand for Qigong. It has been said that Qigong is fast becoming the new yoga. Of course, both Qigong and yoga have existed for thousands of years, so neither is new. However, as people look for efficient ways to deal with growing pressures and improve their health and happiness, Qigong is fast being re-discovered, and there is a growing demand for quality teachers. 

At the Qigong Academy, we transform students into ready professionals who create positive community changes. Here is why now is a great time to teach…

Work you Enjoy. Many people are looking for ways to ‘step off’ the rat race and find something enjoyable and meaningful to do for work. Qigong not only reduces your stress as you teach, but it also helps others achieve the same. As a qigong teacher, you will help others live healthier and happier lives.

Freedom. No more being tied to a desk or long hours of work. As a qigong teacher, you can choose when and where to work. Online teaching is a growing business if you want to work from home, or you may prefer to develop in-person classes to help individuals, schools, sports clubs or businesses. The possibilities are endless. You have the freedom to choose.

Increased Income. If you like being your own boss, working when you want and taking charge of your income, then becoming a Qigong Teacher is a good way forward. Classes for Qigong usually range from £10-£25 per person per class, depending on your market. Class sizes average between 10 to 20 people. Of course, you don’t need to limit the number of people you teach. 

Exciting Career Opportunities. Qigong provides a fabulous passport. Since becoming Qigong teachers, we have travelled the world sharing the wonders of Qigong. Qigong is relevant and accessible for most people looking to improve themselves physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically or spiritually. You can use your existing skills and life experiences to create meaningful and exciting classes that support and transform lives wherever you work. You’ll be the boss, so you can live on your terms.

Positive Peer Group. Qigong is not just a practice; it is a way of life. As a Qigong Teacher, we encourage you to adopt qigong principles into everything you do. As a result, your life will transform. We also appreciate that not everyone you know will be on the same path as you, which can present challenges. As passionate qigong practitioners, we will help bring your best to the world and situations.

About the Qigong Teachers Weekend

With a firm focus on teaching qigong, this weekend of practice and conversation explores the transition from qigong as a personal practice to sharing the practice with others.

Whether you are considering becoming a Certified Qigong Teacher, either as a beginner or someone already experienced in Qigong, this weekend is an ideal opportunity to explore the possibilities. This weekend does not qualify you to teach, but it is a start on the path.

Using simplified forms that can be quickly learned and are relevant to multiple schools of qigong, we will explore how qigong is taught traditionally and how it can be adapted to the needs of a modern western audience.

Over the weekend we will split our time evenly between practice, teaching each other and discussions around form, function, philosophy and the core skills of teaching.

The weekend will offer you an opportunity to spend time with like-minded people in a friendly environment, hone your skills and find out about The Qigong Academy’s approach to teacher training.

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Meet Your Trainers

Tim Profile

Tim is the founder of Fully Alive, a practitioner of Shaolin Cosmos Qigong and highly experienced therapist and martial artist.

John Millar - One Qi

John is a Zhineng Qigong practitioner with a wealth of experience in bringing qigong to the corporate and integrative health sectors.

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