Optimize Your Immune System

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If like many people, you are looking to improve your immune system to effectively manage any infection, and help yourself remain healthy and active whatever age, then you will find this special OneQi Qigong collaboration invaluable.


We will be exploring how stress and chronic inflammation disable natural health, and where Qigong - energy management practices - can help us untangle habits which can cause dis-ease, revealing the innate ability we each have to heal and find our flow. 

Join us for a good hour where 4 of the UK's top Qigong teachers will share alongside one another a series of practices for morning, daytime and the evening.

Being a SuperAger Chi Kung

About OneQi

One Qi is a pioneering hub of Qigong/Chi Kung teachers in the UK. Exploring similarities whilst embracing differences makes for inspiring exchanges, the result of which is this current collaboration. One Qi is here to offer you easy-access embodied practices backed up by salient science to help you understand how your system is wired to heal, and how your immune system is key to your vitality and health.

Why Does a Healthy, Optimized Immune System Matter?

Stress Relief

Too much stress weakens the immune system, as does too much worry. Learning how to better deal with and release stress is one of the keys to good health and a strong immune system. Qigong is excellent in helping release stress and worry

Reduced Inflammation

Just like a small amount stress is good for us, so is a small amount of inflammation. However, when inflammation becomes chronic it can damage healthy cells, tissues, and organs. Qigong helps reduce our stress and inflammation responses, leading to improved system function and well-being

Overcoming Pain

Chronic pain and continuous stress negatively affect the immune system function. Qigong helps release held tensions and pain, leading to restored immune system function

Increased Mobility

Movement is medicine. When we are in pain or stressed out, we often struggle to move with ease, leading to further disfunction and strain on the immune system. Qigong helps restore healthy flow, movement, and balance.

Increased Connection

When dealing with stress, pain, worry or illness we can lose a felt sense of connection and belonging. Meaningful connection is key to a healthy immune system. You will be joining a supportive group of people who understand the challenges. Plus, Qigong makes it much easier to feel open to connection and purpose.

Increased Energy

One of the most important aspects of health, overlooked by the western approach to health is energy. Yet millions of people suffer from low energy, energy depletion and lacklustre. A healthy immune system requires good energy flow, and Qigong helps restore and increase energy.

Friday 4th March, 6.30 - 7.30 pm
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About Tim Franklin

Tim Franklin is an international teacher of the Shaolin Arts, training with Shaolin Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit for twenty years, a speaker, author, and therapist. Drawing from his various studies and practices in Qigong, Tai Chi, Yoga, Martial Arts, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), breath work and mind/body therapies, he brings a unique understanding and practical application of the various modalities, that anyone can use to enhance their physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual well-being.

About Clara Apollo

Clara Apollo, RGN, is an Elemental Qigong teacher trainer who presents ‘Chi Time’ on UK Health Radio. Clara encourages people to be curious about their personal energy and to step into their true power of vitality and wellbeing. Along with accompanying modalities of Reiki, EFT, dance medicine, sound healing, colour psychology and aromatherapy, she weaves a grounded, intuitive space to help people access, express and anchor their unique wisdom and Qi-fullness. 

About John Millar

John Millar is a Zhineng Qigong teacher and practitioner based in Suffolk. Introduced to Qigong in 1997, he has trained with some of the most highly respected teachers in the UK, Mainland Europe, Australasia and China. While his passion for qigong as a personal practice underpins his work, his reputation for applying the practice in both the corporate and Integrative Health sectors has led to a reputation for being a trailblazer and regular invitations to speak at international conferences.

Alessandro Ferullo

Alessandro Ferullo- Qigong teacher. From a young age, I was always searching for deeper meaning in life, often feeling disconnected and uninspired. Then, one weekend in 1988, I attended my first Qigong weekend when for the first time, I sensed an energy beyond my own between my hands .

I’ve been practicing this 4,000 year old Art ever since, a self Healing form called Hua Gong with my teacher Zhi Xing Wang. Qigong helps us take more control of our health and wellbeing has been invaluable to share with others particularly in these past 2-3 most challenging years we have all been through.

Find out more about the OneQi Qigong teachers

To listen to the interview of "How to Optimise your Immune System" click on the picture below

Optimise your Immune System

Friday 4th March, 6.30 - 7.30 pm +



  • Self-help exercises you can use to improve immune function
  • Less stress, worry and anxiety
  • Increased energy
  • Increased sense of calm and inner peace
  • Increased mobility
  • Increased connection and joy
  • Live teaching and Q&A with OneQi Qigong Teachers
  • Video recording of the exercises and class to help with your daily home practice

Who Can Join?

  • The class is open to complete beginners, intermediate and advanced practitioners
  • Any level of fitness. You can do the exercises sitting or standing

What will you need to join?

  • Access to Zoom via computer, tablet or phone
  • Space to move your arms. A space of about 2 metres square is ideal
  • Willingness to try something new that has helped thousands of people
  • At least 1 hour free time


  • Live online Zoom



What if you have an underlying health condition?

It’s always best to check with your GP or health practitioner before trying new exercises.  If you are concerned about any current or ongoing illnesses or conditions, please check with your GP before joining this course.  Qigong is very safe, when practised correctly.  It is not a replacement for Western Medical Care.  Qigong works with our natural healing function, systems and responses.


What if you miss the class?

Don’t worry. You can catch up on the recording made available to you following the course.