Eighteen Lohan Hands


Eighteen Lohan Hands Online Course, teaching the physical, mind and energy skills of these ancient exercises from the Shaolin Temple in China.

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Eighteen Lohan Hands Online Course

Set over 4-weekends


24.4.21 / 22.5.21 / 19.6.21 / 17.7.21


10 AM – 1 PM (GMT)


Livestream over Zoom



The Eighteen Lohan Hands is a set of techniques or physical forms taught at the Shaolin Temple since around 527 AD. Practised at the physical level they can help with postural alignment, flexibility and physical conditioning. When practised using the skills of Chi Kung, and particularly the ability to generate an energy flow, any and all of them can be used to clear illness, improve overall health, become more energetic and help with clarity of mind. These Chi Kung exercises can also be used to develop a joyful and open-hearted resonance with the world around us, and an appreciation of life. These are the overall or holistic benefits of all genuine Chi Kung.