Training with Us

at Fully Alive

You might be here because you heard about us from someone else or found us through looking for Chi Kung classes. Or you might have a health problem you need fixing. However you got here we are pleased to be able to help.

On this page you can find out about the way we teach and how you can get to train with us.

We teach simply. People tell us it is easy to follow and then use at home. They like our easy, conversational approach and the way we make complicated skills simple. But most of all people keep coming because they get benefits they appreciate.

From the beginning of setting up Fully Alive we wanted to bring the amazing world of energy skills to life for people. But how to do it in a way people could "get" and use these skills in daily life? And how to honour the traditional teachings without getting lost in them.

We have 20 years of material we could teach so, to make things simple, we had to break it down. You start with "Level 1", which sets you up with the fundamental skills. There is a progressive, structured set of courses you can take, which you can adjust to focus on the benefits you want.

Energy skills can be taught in a lot of ways. We show you how to do things physically, how to get into a useful state of mind and awareness, and then how to use them practically. We spend a lot of time going behind these techniques to make sure you understand how to get the outcomes possible.

Some people like regular classes and some people like to learn things in a more intensive way. We run weekly classes online and teach weekends around the country. We are also developing a program of online videos. These will never replace the experience of face-to-face teaching but they are a useful way of starting if you can't get to us. Some people also find them useful as a way of "topping up" after a course.

All of our teachings are about developing, managing and applying energy skills. We have spent years developing tips, tricks and approaches that bring these skills to life. We are really pleased with the way things have come together. But more important is the feedback we get from people. We look forward to helping you get the same kind of experience.

"The Chi Kung that Tim and Barry taught has given me the means to effectively clear a lot of old ‘stuff’ which had previously proven quite difficult for me to let go of." Ross

"Expert sensitive teaching from two genuine Masters who possess the deep experience, skill, knowledge and care, to bring the powerful world of Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung gently, responsibly and gradually to beginners." Katherine

"From the start the course was relaxed with a very calming atmosphere. I learnt the practice and have found it to be invaluable."

"Don't be deceived by the simplicity of the skills taught. Embrace them, and apply them to your own context. The results speak for themselves." Harry

"Both Tim and Barry are able to decrypt the ancient teachings and new science discoveries, conveying these in a very funny, approachable and easy way." Pascal

"I feel an amazing warm sensation flowing through my limbs and as a result I start to feel calm, energised, more focused and present in my work and life throughout the day." Beatrice