Inspiration and Insights from the Fully Alive Classes

Shaolin Arts

Opening the Way

A 10 minute introduction to opening the way

Strengthening Shen

What is the Shen? The Warrior's Way in the Shaolin Arts

Productivity of a Zen Master

Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit is able to accomplish an incredible amount through application of his training.

Standing Meditation

What are we doing when practicing Standing Mediation or Zhan Zhuang?

Experiences of Shaolin Arts

“You don’t need to go to worry.” The deep teaching experience and mastery of the Arts, the lightness and empathy, the clarity and pace of communication, all so gratefully received!

- Katherine

Unfolding Being

Unfabricated Naturalness

Not trying to change anything or get anything during practice. Moving towards just being.

Conscious Living

What does conscious living really mean?

Allowing Ease

Bringing in a feeling of ease to create space for change.

Little and Often

The benefits of doing a little training every day.

Experiences of Unfolding Being

Moving from A to B

Experiences and insights that have arisen through the practice of shifting from thoughts, ideas and beliefs to a 'being' state. 

"I'm feeling the experience of the energy moving the body, beyond the body’s restrictions. Previously my mind had just accepted and decided ok, you can’t do Lifting the Sky any more [due to physical restrictions], and then I was amazed when the energy moved and I did. Six months ago I wasn’t doing lots of things, and now energy is moving. As long as I can get my mind out the way."
- Jacqueline

"Without realising, our natural state is moulded and distorted due to actions taken and the environment that you are in. When going from A to B there is a strange state of non-effort and flowing, and coming back to the natural state that is completely and very specifically you again. All this without interference or action taken by the self."
- Ronald

"Moving from A to B is like surrender into more being, possibly a letting go. It definitely gets me out of doing-ness and there is a full body being awareness."
- Matthew

"I see lots of people throughout the week, sometimes up to 20 people a day in my physiotherapy work, and it’s interesting that in the interaction with people there seems to be no interference... the interaction with people is becoming very easy at the moment, in terms of listening, having conversations, connecting. So that’s been making a big difference in my work, and I'm also enjoying work a lot more, so that’s great."
- Pascal

"I notice where I’m at and I notice the habits, and even though I thought intellectually I was aware of the habits, I wasn’t quite aware how deep they go into my body... In the B state, the thing I really notice is the giving up of that self. It’s not letting myself get in the way. There is an awareness of the flow of mind rather than the halting-ness of self when self comes in."
- Min

"Generally I’m finding I’m doing things without getting in my own way as much, or second guessing myself. It’s almost like more confidence, but it’s not really that, it’s more getting out my own way."
- Kathryn

Chi Kung: 18 Lohan Hands

Freedom Within Form

Why we don't want to focus on achieving perfect form

Entering the Way

Entering a chi kung state of mind through flow, coming from a place of gentleness

Being Grounded

By nourishing our store of energy and supporting the body, we can develop a clearer mind

Experiences of Chi Kung

"I am so moved by everything I have done since joining the classes. It’s like something has clicked. I have had Chi Kung and Tai Chi classes way in the past but somehow having “done” more meditation since I appreciate the depth, operating in many levels. I am finding the focus on well-being and working to limits with kindness very, very helpful. It fits in so well with my mindfulness practises but I include more of my Being."
- Amanda

" I am suffering from sciatica... It is massively painful some of the time. By following Tim's session again from beginning to end the pain has diminished very significantly and I have much more feeling of ease and freedom of movement than at the beginning."
- Beatrice

"It was really extraordinary. Not just the course content, but also how it was taught, and that you embody what you teach in a way that radiates out and enables others to come into that depth of being within themselves."
- Emma

Tai Chi Chuan


How we unwind physically, leading to unwinding of the heart, mind and energy

Training Spirit

What does it mean to train sprit in our practice?

Initiating Movement

Where in the body is movement coming from?

Moving from the Waist

Moving from the waist in Tai Chi