Unfolding Being

A Fully Alive Energy Path to Conscious Living

It's natural for us to seek solutions to health and well-being issues. It's what we do - fix problems and help relieve suffering.
On some occasions allowing our body healing wisdom to do its job may be the best course of action. In other situations, consciously applying skills in using energy to encourage a beneficial process may be the best course of action.
There are so many mind-body-energy methods and skills that you can practise and apply that it can be challenging to know what to choose and use.
Do you:
  • generate an overall energy flow
  • increase the amount of flow
  • decrease energy
  • release energy
  • direct the chi
  • expand the chi
  • send chi to an organ or system
  • nourish the energy
  • allow the mind to expand beyond your body
  • open energy points
  • nourish the spirit

Or something else? So many choices!


And then there is how to use and apply the skills of energy, mind, breath and body in everyday living.

So, what if you were offered a road map to more easeful living, whereby you could skillfully and consciously navigate the trials, challenges and demands of life without having to worry about what you should do? Would you take it?


Of course, you would. It seems the obvious thing to do.
And if that road map offered effective ways of skillfully and consciously dealing with trauma, conditioning, inflammation, stress, pain, sickness and overwhelm, while working with energy, appreciation, enjoyment and application to life, and decreased unnecessary tension, you would use it, right!


Of course. It would seem like a sensible approach to being fully alive.
Well, that was one of the aims of Fully Alive more than ten years ago:


Provide a road map to conscious living through
mind-body-energy practices.


However, it was not known from the outset what the path of Fully Alive was. We just appreciated the Shaolin Arts are rich in teachings from what our teacher had passed on to us. And that these teachings had a profound effect.

Forward wind ten years, 26 Fully Alive courses and thousands of hours of guided practise, we now have a map, well-travelled.

The Fully Alive path has included skills in using energy, from developing an energy flow, to increasing energy levels, to refining energy and merging with the Cosmos, often leading to spiritual breakthroughs and realisation.
This year, I have become again struck by the profound simplicity of 'being' through teaching the foundation, intermediate and advanced courses.
Some students on the foundation courses have commented that they are more advanced than the advanced courses! It seemed evident that a shift had happened as students realised the power of these direct teachings.


Naturally, life is a continuous process of complex adaptive systems, with ups and downs, so having a clear understanding and a guide to help you on the way as things change and develop, can be very useful.

As part of the 'Unfolding Being - a Fully Alive Energy Approach to Conscious Living' course, I will guide you through the mind-body-energy road map already travelled.


    • We will revisit the vital foundation skills to the more advanced energy breathing practises and include the various upgrades and insights received along the way from where you are now using a clear and concise map.


    • There will be viewpoints along the way, time to enjoy the process and no need to ask, "are we there yet."


    • The course is a guided, experiential journey that will unfold as you progress and become even more skilful than you already are.


    • Each landmark we arrive at will become apparent, and you will know how to get back there through your practice, increased skill and clarity.


    • Whether you are a beginner or seasoned Chi Kung practitioner, this course is suitable.
We are all unfolding as part of this journey. And it is my honour to pass you these teachings through a new lens of being.

If what I have said resonates with you, I invite you to join me for the next part of your journey in conscious living.

With loving kindness

Sifu Tim Franklin

Unfolding Being

Wednesday 7-8pm

£80 per 4 lessons

Suitable for all levels of experience

Live on Zoom and get permanent access to the class recordings