Weekly Online Classes

Putting your health and wellbeing back in your hands

Develop your mind, body, energy and spirit.  Simple, direct teaching of ancient arts to improve your health and apply to your everyday life.


Move towards better health and a relaxed, focused mind through the principles and practice of Tai Chi.


Improve your strength, flexibility, balance and overall health with Qigong. Start the day feeling focused and energised. 


A Fully Alive roadmap for conscious living.  Explore mind-body-spirit practices for self understanding and development.


Learn to generate an energy flow, manage and direct your energy to improve your health and increase vitality. Focusing on clearing, restoring and supporting your energy.


A gentle, nourishing way to start your morning. You'll learn a daily practice to develop your energy skills and help keep you clear in body and mind.


Simple, direct teaching of ancient arts to improve your health and apply to your everyday life. The Saturday morning classes are a gentle way to reconnect to yourself, and nourish body, mind and spirit.


Interested in more than one class?

Get access to all our weekly classes for one price.

Take classes live online, or in your own time with the videos.

Which Class Should I Take?

All our classes aim to unify mind, body and energy. But each class will approach this in a different way. For help and advice as to which class might be most suitable for you, please contact us using the form at the bottom of the page.

If you are interested in more than one class, there are discounts available. Check out all the booking options in the shop.


Joining a Class

When you book a class or course, you will receive an email with login details for the Fully Alive Academy. Here you will be able to access the class Zoom link, recordings and other class information.

If you don't see an email, please first check your junk and promotions folders, and add our email address to your contacts.
If you need any help feel free to contact us.

What if I Can't Make the Time of the Live Class?

You will receive permanent access to the recordings of each class. You can take the class in your own time if you can't make the class live, and check in with your progress by email. You are also able to review the class to help with your own practice.


Support Inside and Outside the Class

Class groups are small and friendly. You are encouraged to share your progress and ask questions, either in the class or by email. If you need extra support, you can book a one-to-one session.


What if I'm a New Beginner?

Most of our courses are suitable for complete beginners, as well as for those who have more experience. You start from where you are and progress from there.


What if I have Physical Restrictions?

If you have physical restrictions or limitations, the exercises can be adapted to suit you. All the exercises can be done sitting down, and you will come from a place of gentleness and listening to your body.


Do I need any Special Equipment?

No, just a computer with access to Zoom, and a room with a bit of space. Around 2 square metres is enough.

'One of the things I have enjoyed a lot is the interaction with Tim and the other students... it has given us a sense of freedom and the opportunity to explore things. Tim's ability to bridge the gap between what is happening in current day science and what has been passed on by ancient mystics is amazing.'


If you have a question or need help with booking classes, please get in touch.

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