We teach Chi Kung as an Energy Art.

Learn genuine Shaolin Arts and Chi Kung with us to help

  • Clear Chronic Illness
  • Have More Energy
  • Increase Your Resilience
  • Strengthen Your Mind and Spirit

Make noticeable changes to your health and wellbeing, as you learn energy skills with friendly, supportive people.

Weekly Online Classes

Our weekly classes are all live online, or catch up in your own time using the recordings. Book classes in four week blocks, giving you the flexibility to take breaks and change classes whenever you want.

Shaolin Arts

The Way of Physical, Mental, Emotional, Energetic and Spiritual Development
Shaolin Arts Classes

Monday 7 - 8.30 pm

Saturday 8.30 - 10 am

Tai Chi

Cultivating Mind, Body, Energy and Spirit for Inner Peace and Flow
Tai Chi Chuan classes

Tuesday 7 - 8 pm

Unfolding Being

A Fully Alive Energy Path to Conscious Living
Unfolding Being Course

Wednesday 7 - 8 pm

Chi Kung

Energy Flow for Health and Happiness
Chi Kung Classes

Thursday 7 - 8 pm

Interested in more than one class?

Get access to all our weekly classes for one week or one month.

Take classes live online, or in your own time with the videos.

Try Our Morning Classes


We run two morning classes on Wednesdays and Fridays, 9 - 9.30am (BST). These classes are a way of introducing energy skills to you. That way, you can try them out before committing to a more in-depth online course.

Access to the classes is by donation. The suggested donation is £5 - £10, but everyone is welcome, so please get in touch using the contact form at the bottom of the page if you would like to join a class but are unable to make a contribution.

Chi Kung Forms for Health and Fitness

Chi Kung Classes

Wednesdays 9 - 9.30am

Live online class

By donation

Fundamentals of Energy Flow for Heath

Fundamentals of Energy Flow

Fridays 9 - 9.30am

Live online class

By donation

Expert sensitive teaching from two genuine Masters who possess the deep experience, skill, knowledge and care, to bring the powerful world of Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung gently, responsibly and gradually to beginners. Deeply moved, amazed and inspired. So grateful!

- Katherine D

Barry and Tim are incredibly accomplished in conveying - even online - very subtle and complex ideas and making us actually feel rather than think about what we are learning.

- Nicola

One of the things I have enjoyed a lot during this course was the interaction with Tim and the other students... it has given us a sense of freedom and the opportunity to explore things. Tim's ability to bridge the gap between what is happening in current day science and what has been passed on by ancient mystics is amazing.



Where to Start

Most of our courses are suitable for complete beginners, as well as for those who have more experience. There is no need to be physically fit or even mobile, as all the exercises can be adapted to suit you. If a particular class interests you and you would like to find out more, please get in touch with us using the contact form below.


Our donation-based morning classes are a great introduction to the Chi Kung and Energy Skills we teach. Or try one of the weekly classes for four weeks to see how you get on.


In all our classes you will earn to generate an energy flow, before moving on to develop further skills including consciously managing your energy flow, building energy and nourishing or refining energy. The skills of generating, building and refining energy give you the foundation to move on to more advanced practices, such as Bone Marrow Cleansing, Sinew Metamorphosis and Small Universe.

Pre-Recorded Courses

If you have missed one of the live courses, you can take it in your own time using the class recordings. You are invited to keep in touch with us while you are doing the course, to ask any questions you have and for support with your practice.

If you have a question or would like to join a class please get in touch. If you have just donated for either the Wednesday or Friday morning class, then please let us know so we can send you the Zoom link. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Training with a Shaolin Grandmaster

We are ordinary people who have been lucky enough to find and practice a number of extraordinary arts, including the arts taught to us by a Shaolin Grandmaster.

Practising these arts has changed us and the way we live our lives and we believe it is important to pass these things on so others can benefit.

Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit