Managing our energy with Chi Kung

We can use different techniques in our chi kung practice to reach different outcomes. We can use Chi Kung as a tool for energy management by learning some simple techniques.

Sometimes we might want to increase our energy or focus, perhaps if we have something we need to get done. Sometimes we will want to feel more relaxed, especially when we are practicing in the evening before bed. At other times we might want more of a balance between being energised and calm. It's useful to know how to adjust our practice so we can make it work for what we need at that particular moment.



This is a clip from the Fundamentals of Energy Flow for Health class, every Friday, 9-9.30am.

If you're interested in learning some skills to help you manage your energy, you can book a class here, or contact us for more details. Payment is by donation, and you are welcome to drop in to the class any time, whether you are a complete beginner or have done chi kung before.