We pass on the arts we have learnt so that people get benefits from them.

Tim Franklin with Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit

Our Philosophy helps you achieve the outcomes you want

The best way to get these benefits is for people to come to a course, class or therapy session and then practice afterwards. Trying to learn the types of skill we teach from a video or a book isn’t as effective, in our experience.

So, our simple approach is to attract people to courses and classes, teach in a way that maximizes the chance of them practicing regularly and foster a community that makes it all fun and supportive.

We understand that attraction is more effective than promotion. So, we keep on practicing these things every day and continue to get our own progressive benefits. We also aim for our website, facebook page and other materials to be a source of inspiration.

We have some simple principles that we base all of our courses and classes on:

We explain what we teach in simple, direct language: the range of things it can be used for, the practical applications to everyday life and the quantifiable benefits.

Outcomes are what is important.

The techniques are just there to develop the skills to reach the outcomes.

Techniques → Skills → Outcomes

This formula has helped us focus on what is important in our own practice and this is what we pass on to the people we teach.

We will only teach techniques where we can explain how the skills developed can be used to enrich or improve everyday life.

Direct experience of outcomes/benefits is paramount. It is what keeps people practicing. We focus on making sure people have direct experiences of quantifiable benefits.

All of the things we choose to teach and the ways we teach them are based on us doing our bit in evolving a world that is happier and safer for the current generation, our children and our grandchildren to live in.