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We work with all the interconnected elements of a person...

Fully Alive - Interconnected Elements of the human body

The Connected Elements of the Human Body

The practices we teach and the approaches we use for therapy cover all of these levels. Some cover them all and some are specifically targeted at one or more.

We generally recommend people use Chi Kung as a basic practice as it covers and gives benefits in all of these areas. When people have specific aims or problems we can help them understand what other approaches would be most beneficial.

A person is made up of all of these systems. They all operate individually and also interact and affect each other. For instance, if someone goes for a massage on his or her back but they are struggling with an emotional problem that isn’t resolved often the back pain returns.

Most of the things we teach originated as a way of helping the whole person be well and that’s what we pass on.

The fact that the arts we teach address all of these areas explains their power and potency.