Ancient Wisdom Solves an Age-Old Problem

Smooth energy flow is the foundation of good health and wellbeing.

The monks meditating at the Shaolin Temple in China found it a problem, just as we do. It’s an age-old problem – sitting for long periods of time can lead to health issues.


Admittedly, the reason the monks had an issue was a little different to ours; they were finding it challenging staying awake, alert and fit enough to practice meditation for longs hours each day. Our problem is long hours sitting on the sofa or in front of a screen is leading to a variety of negative health, stress and mobility issues. Both activities involve energy flow.


The solution however is the same – a set of 18 time-tested energy exercises that lead to improved balance, mobility, strength, flexibility and resilience, energy levels and mental clarity.

Chi Kiung for Health and Wellbeing

Learn the 1500-year-old Shaolin Eighteen Lohan Hands Exercises

If you suffer from tight muscles, back, shoulder, movement or flexibility issues, body pain, difficulties in focusing or lack enough energy to enjoy life, we can help you.


We are running a special online Chi Kung (Qigong) course to melt away unnecessary tension and stress, improve your postural alignment, flexibility and physical condition, and increase your energy:


Live Online course

A Natural Ancient Remedy

It’s obvious that when we move with more ease, have less stress and enjoy more energy than life flows better. The set of 18 Lohan Hands exercises are a natural way to increase your immune system, support the functioning of your organs, improve mobility, muscles, fascia and joints, release tension and stress, at the same time increasing the amount of available energy you have to enjoy life.


Practised as mind-body-energy exercises you develop the ability to generate an energy flow, help clear illness, improve overall health, become more energetic and remain calmer under pressure.

 Three Common Problem areas


The three most common areas of restriction and complaints are in the back, shoulders and hips, which is a problem, as we rely on these being to bend over to pick things up or tie our shoelaces, lift our arms above our shoulder height to reach things or even put a coat on, and we need good hip mobility for lots of everyday activities like, sitting, crouching, walking or running.


How learning the 18-Lohan Hands Chi Kung exercises help you:


  • Promotes Physical and Emotional Health. From a Chinese medicine perspective, smooth energy flow is the foundation of good health and wellbeing. For various reasons energy flow can become blocked, leading to pain and illness. Chi Kung is the art of energy and helps promote smooth energy flow.The 18-Lohan Hands work on important systems; joints, muscles, nerves, brain function and energy flow to promote physical and emotional health.


  • Promotes Fitness and Vitality. To function well in life it is beneficial to have a reasonably good level of fitness and vitality. Without enough energy or fitness, we can struggle to enjoy or perform daily activities. Having a daily practice of Chi Kung will noticeably improve your energy levels, fitness and ability.


  • Balance and Mobility. Sadly, millions of people battle with balance or mobility issues added to the fear of falling over and breaking something. Like Tai Chi, Chi Kung helps improve stability, gait and balance has the added benefit of chi flow and is much easier to learn.


  • Stamina and Strength. Lacking the stamina, strength or focus to carry out our work, daily chores, leisure activities or hobbies can really zap our sense of wellbeing and lead to health problems. Also, as we get older muscle mass and function naturally diminishes at an increasing rate.

    The good news is that many Chi Kung practitioners report an increased zest for life. Regular Chi Kung practice boosts your energy levels, strengthens your body and function, so it is possible to continue enjoying life for longer.


  • Stress Management. Stress is recognised as the number one killer disease today. We all have stress in our life. The question is how well your systems have adapted and able to cope with stress. Chi Kung deals with stress without the use of prescription drugs. The progressive relaxation exercises help our body systems function better and develop stress resilience. Chi Kung also cleanses the body internally, clearing toxins often produced by stress. The meditative aspect of Chi Kung training develops the neuroplasticity of the brain, leading to an increased sense of tranquillity and calm, enabling stress to be managed more efficiently.

A Shaolin Grandmaster’s Response to The Modern Health Dilemma

In 2003 we began our Chi Kung teaching journey. One of the first things we noticed about our Malaysian/Chinese Shaolin teacher was his extraordinary bright character. He moved effortlessly, efficiently and was poised and calm. It was obvious he had mastered effortless living.

Since a child he had walked miles daily to train with his master, sat, knelt, squatted, stretched, moved and meditated. The idea of having a restricted body, being stressed out or have a lack of energy was unnatural to him. He later came to realize that stress, overwhelm and mobility issues were real problems in western culture. And in response, he dedicated his life to passing on the 18-Lohan Hands and other Chi Kung exercises he had learnt from Shaolin Grandmasters.

Shaolin UK Summer Camp

How about you? Does the idea of effortless, joyful living sound familiar? The answer is probably not. The average person in the West is stressed out, in pain, lacks mobility, flexibility and energy.

Interestingly, the most natural thing for our teacher, and many of the people he knew and taught, was to express the joy of living with ease.

A modern health dilemma is that we have trained our mind-body systems out of ease and flow, into stress and overwhelm. Obviously, it doesn’t need to be that way, things can change. After all, our body is a complex system of adaptive processes, and change is something already built-in.

Naturally, it will take some time and perseverance from you, but with consistent, regular practice you can make a lot of positive changes and gains.

Chi Kung helps dealing with and letting go of stressful living

The Danger of Being on the Go

Apparent lack of time is also a modern dilemma most of us know only too well.

The problem is that so much time is invested into things that can be unhelpful, instead of supporting health.

Another big issue is the lack of rest time. Many people are on the go 24/7. Being on the go, physically, mentally or emotionally plays havoc with your body chemistry, depletes your immune system and keeps the nervous system on high alert, and increases unnecessary tension.

With a depleted immune system, increased tension and stress we are more prone to illness.

The 18 Lohan Hands exercises, from Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung, supports your body’s natural healing process by boosting your immune systems, releasing held tension and improving your energy levels, among many other positive benefits.

People that practice Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung, just 10-15 minutes a day, report feeling and looking much younger and healthier. Time well spent we think.

Ancient Wisdom – Modern Science

It is now well understood by modern health science that our response to stimulus has a direct impact on our complex self-regulating systems, such as:

  • Autonomic Nervous System,
  • Immune system
  • Inflammatory response
  • Heart Rate Variability
  • Endocrine system
  • Digestive system
  • Cardiovascular system

It has also been well-understood and practised for over 1500 years that if you develop strong, adaptive mind-body processes and connection, together with the dispositional optimism, then good health, vitality and outlook are much more likely.

Chi Kung Classes

Energy Flow is Vital!

Often missing in other types of exercising, Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung teaches skills in using energy.

We all know the feeling when we don’t have enough energy, it just drags us down. And we all recognize people who have lots of energy.

Good energy flow or vitality is literally built into the foundation of Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung. And it started with the set of exercises called the Eighteen

Lohan Hands that we are going to pass to you.

Poor energy flow is easy to recognize:

Poor Energy Flow = Poor Posture

Poor Energy Flow = Unnecessary Tension

Poor Energy Flow = Poor Balance

Poor Energy Flow = Poor Mobility

Poor Energy Flow = Lack of Interest and Enthusiasm

The Master Appears

The majority of people want to be healthy, happy and have enough energy to enjoy life, and are prepared to search for the best ways to achieve that. That’s how we came to finding Chi Kung.

And as a result of practising Chi Kung, we have enjoyed good health and an abundance of energy. But it wasn’t always like that for us. We were in jobs that we no longer enjoyed, eating the wrong kinds of food, drinking too much and suffered from overwhelm.

Through getting into bad habits and routines, that was not helpful for good health, we both gradually got sicker. The funny thing is, neither of us had yet met.

We are talking over twenty years ago before we both met a Shaolin Grandmaster.

Essentially, we were suffering from the modern health dilemma. We wanted a better life, were doing all the wrong things and didn’t have the time or clarity to do something about it. And it wasn’t entirely personal, and it wasn’t our fault.

Fortunately, the type of Chi Kung we teach - Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung, only takes 10-15 minutes per day to get the benefits.

Following 20 years of daily practice here’s what becomes obvious to us about Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung:

It taps into the key skill of energy flow, often missed in other physical exercises

It only takes 10-15 practice a day to get the benefits

It’s not complicated to learn or get good at (Anyone can do it!)

Tim Franklin
Chi Kung Classes

First let me congratulate Tim on the pdf handouts, not falling for the trap of trying to put too much writing onto each slide.

It’s harder to be concise, but these were, I think, perfect! Clear, and easy to read visually.

I think the course was exceptional and outstanding. The preparation to be able to be so clear, making it so simple, must have been immense. The teaching was superb. The teaching has changed greatly over the last couple of years, recognising that less is more.  Giving time ( and space) to forms and/or approaches which gives quality and space for absorption rather than going for quantity and less depth.

To explain so simply about the different approaches, working physically with the breath, the mind, the energy as we embodied these I felt was totally successful. Experience underlay the words.

I felt it was a privilege to be part of this course, and Salute you in your effort to convey the teachings to others.

 Many thanks 


Join the 18 Lohan Hands Course


  • Noticeable physical, emotional and energetic improvements
  • Deep relaxation
  • Absence of unnecessary tension
  • Simple exercises and methods you can use immediately
  • The opportunity to ask questions about your practice



  • 12 hours of learning over 4 weekends
  • 3 hours of live video (or replay) each lesson
  • Time to ask questions
  • Guaranteed results



  • Live video classes over Zoom
  • Q&A with the teacher between classes
  • Access to all videos (even after the course)



  • Smartphone, tablet or computer (with camera)
  • 2-metre square space to practice



  • PDF of each 18 Lohan Hands exercise
  • PDF of the thematic benefits of each exercise

Set over 4-weekends


24.4.21 / 22.5.21 / 19.6.21 / 17.7.21



10 AM - 1 PM BST (GMT+1)



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18 Lohan Hands Exercises

At Fully Alive we teach Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung - as passed on to us by Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit. These arts and skills were taught by Bodhidharma to the Shaolin monks around 1500 years ago. They include the techniques of the Eighteen Lohan Hands.

The Eighteen Lohan Hands is one of the physical forms used to develop and practice the skills of Chi Kung. The first eight of these forms are commonly known as the 8 Pieces of Brocade or Ba Duan Jin, which are practised in various ways all over the world.

Chi Kung means ‘skills in using energy’. These skills can be divided into broad groups: generating an energy flow, using energy to clear unhelpful things, increasing the quantity of energy, increasing the quality of energy and applying energy for various purposes. These skills can be developed in a variety of ways, often referred to as techniques.

At Fully Alive we talk a lot about Chi (or energy) flow. Most of us have experienced it in our lives - those moments when no thoughts, no emotions and no physical problems intrude and things just happen or flow more easily. The reason we emphasize energy flow is that it is the most important skill. All the benefits of these arts and all of the techniques depend on this fundamental skill. Without Chi Flow it is not Chi Kung as we understand it. And then the outcomes and benefits of practising techniques are limited.

Eighteen Lohan Hands - Sifu Wong Lifting the Sky

The Eighteen Lohan Hands is a set of techniques or physical forms. Practised at the physical level they can help with postural alignment, flexibility and physical conditioning. When practised using the skills of Chi Kung, and particularly the ability to generate an energy flow, any and all of them can be used to clear illness, improve overall health, become more energetic and help with clarity of mind. These Chi Kung exercises can also be used to develop a joyful and open-hearted resonance with the world around us, and an appreciation of life.